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"Something's doing something"
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Close Enough Racing (CER) created by Justin Gaujenieks is comprised of a group of individuals with similar goals in mind, to enjoy working-on & driving cars. The team is always brain storming, retro fitting, creating/solving problems and conceptualizing ideas out of the norm with our very limited knowledge base and skill set, hence our motto “Close Enough”, because sometimes you just have to work with what you have.

About Us

We are a group of individuals brought together with a shared passion of speed & making things go fast.

The right chemistry

The best part of having a team where every member tracks leads to them having a greater understanding & knowledge base to support the team in addition to the many laughs both on & off the track.

Great media coverage

Excellent coverage on track, at events, shows and working on cars, with enough notice we can be ready for trade stands as well.

Research & Development

As a team we research & discuss everything including the direction of our builds, currently we have created our own private workshop which helps takes this even further.

1862 Cups of coffee
117 Mods we want to do
2695 Hours in the garage
31 10mm's lost


These are the tracks we have been to, and we only hope to add to this list.

Meet the team

The blood, sweat and tears that make up team CER.


Time Attack Driver / Team Founder


Crew Chief / Strategist


Mechanical Support / pit crew


Media / Publicist / Mechanical


Team Manager / Organiser


Head team Mechanic


Mechanical support / pit crew


Manager / Dispute Resolution

Our Merchandise

We have a range of products coming soon, follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates




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2023 Calenders

Thank you to

The professionals who have assisted the team.

  • Chris


  • Curt

    Curts Performance Fabrication

  • Steven


  • The Team

    Vaay Tech

  • Ivan

    X3E Motorsports

  • Ronnie

    Carbon Plus

  • Shane

    CMS Performance

  • Jacky

    Pinnacle Customs

Get in touch

Fire us an email to info@closeenoughracing.com if you want to more info about merch or sponsorship and one of our friendly team will get back to you.